Well, I haven’t blogged in a while. So what have I been up to? I’ve been campaigning and sorting things out. I’ve heard back from the DWP, with no change to my ESA; but let’s move on from all of that and to the next blog.

Well, this week we finally know we’re going to see the end of May! Okay, yes, I’m talking about the Prime Minister’s statement on Friday. She came out and she said “Well, I’ve tried to lead. I’ve kept the United Kingdom together. I’ve done a job for my country. The country I love leading so much.” Well we all know what happens when you cry: we ask are those real tears? They were crocodile tears because she knew she was finished. But after all let’s go back in history for a wee bit there. She inherited the job in 2016, from David Cameron, who kicked all this EU referendum cr*p off at the last general election when he was Prime Minister: he promised us an in-out referendum on Europe and, of course, Scotland overwhelmingly voted to remain. I’ve got to say I am an “in” voter and sadly England (some parts of it) voted to leave so we are leaving Europe. It looks like we’re leaving Europe on Halloween – I’ll start carving my European pumpkin now, just in time! Hopefully it will be the light at the end of the Brexit tunnel.

But getting back to the news this week from Teresa, with her giving up. Who are we going to get next? We know that Andrea Leadsom, Boris Johnson (as I call him, mop-head Johnston) have put their names into the hat. Philip Hammond, even worse, Jacob Rees Mogg and, of course, a boy who is local to the north-east, you’ll never believe it, Michael Gove! A few stories I could tell you, Michael Gove, but I won’t go into that. But we all know what’s going to happen with this new Prime Minister. We are going to leave Europe with no deal. I certainly didn’t think we would leave this way; in a way, I feel sorry for Teresa. She tried once, not just once, not just twice, but three times to get her deal through and she kept failing and kept failing. Kept failing because she couldn’t get the proper number of MPs to vote for her deal. But we will just need to wait and see what happens.

What else can I add to this blog post? Oh yes, I’m heading back to college in September. But don’t worry folks, of course, I will keep blogging. I’m sure there will be things there that I can blog about big time. Also, in the summer, I am back involved with “Celebrate Aberdeen,” which celebrates the third sector parades up and down across the north-east of Scotland and especially in Aberdeen in the last weekend in August. So if anyone is around then please feel free to come down and see it! I’ve started recently following a new podcast from McHugh Corner. It’s all about grief, and done by the travel presenter of NorthSound Radio. Sadly, as many of you know, a lot of people are mourning. Aberdeen lost in the Scottish Cup semi-final to Hearts. Derek McInnes wasn’t going to take the Scotland job and, of course, Celtic did Aberdeen a favour by winning on Sunday, so Aberdeen now qualify for Europe.

This blog post has mainly been a random write-up of everything that’s been going on since the last one! Obviously, coming to the end of my Partners in Policymaking course, I’m glad that I’ve done it because I found my blogging friend Alex, who I always follow and who always reads my blogs. I don’t think there’s very much else to say really – apart from I hope you enjoy reading this blog.

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