Someone who inspires me

This blog is not a rant – but not all of my blogs will be! This blog is about someone who is very very important to me.

In this day and age, being a member of a church and being religious is not all that cool, but I think it is – and you know something, there is someone out there who makes it cool! This person is such an inspiration. She doesn’t see me like anybody else, nor did she see any labels; you know this person is really cool. Week in week out she doesn’t stand in the pulpit you know – she stands right at the front of the church. She doesn’t lecture like some ministers do, she talks, and she talks right into your heart. She makes the Bible totally come alive and after all, when she gave me my cross reference Bible she told me one thing: most of the verses in the Bible have been taken from each other you know! What an inspirational person.

She doesn’t throw it down your throat, she helps you understand it. Even in times of trouble she’s there. You know she’s not scared to get her hands dirty – she helps the other ladies in the church clean the toilet! I don’t think you would find anyone else doing that, especially a minister.

she’s not her full-time minister she’s our “local.” In fact she’d probably say to me, “I’m just a member of the congregation who’s able to do the Word and Sacrament.” But you know something, this woman means a lot to me. I’m going to tell you her name. Her name is the Reverend Dr Flora Munro. Even when she’s struggling with personal issues and tragedies Flora is there. I sadly lost my own mother 8 years ago this July, and I only met Flora a few years ago, but I look on her as a mum. Recently I passed my college course: she was extremely proud. Thank you for believing in me. I don’t know what more I can say about her, but as you will see from the photos she is so cool!

In this photos is the Rev Dr Flora Munro and sum V.IP this was day that i was made elder of the church. A long with Mrs M copper what was one of MY Pupil support assistant at school

2 thoughts on “Someone who inspires me

  1. Great to read a blog about such an inspirational person. The world needs more positive and kind people in it.


  2. That is a truly wonderful blog William and the Reverand sounds exceptionally cool. Very moving. Thank you for sharing.


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