My first blog post

My first blog post
I have been going about from time to time, thinking about things like what will happen when the UK leaves the EU, and what it will be like when this happens – as being in the EU is all I have known in the 31 one years I’ve been alive

I also go around ranting about things like when you see people looking at other people funny when they have parked in blue badge spaces, even saying to the person “You don’t look like you need that badge!” I stand there thinking “Not everyone with disabilities has a wheelchair! Some disabilities are hidden. Your hair looks funny but I haven’t had ago at you!”

I used to go on Facebook and go on about things like this, but who wants to read a very long post on there? In fact I wonder who had the time to read them when they were so long!

So one day I thought about this, and I thought “I am going start blogging about it instead!

So I told Linda Singer at Grampian Opportunities about how I will blog one day soon, and she told me that she would read it. Well she may not after this one! Here she is getting an award for all the work she has done.

But, if she says yes to it then it must be a good idea.

So, I knew my good friend Alex was a blogger (, so I asked her to help me set it all up. So we did, and here is a photo of the two of us.

So I am going to start blogging. So, for mates of mine on Facebook, there will be no more rants on there, instead look for them all here. Now I’ve started, my next post will come very soon. I know what it’s going to be about – but so you come back and read it am not going to tell you at all!

By William Rae

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